What we do

Training & Mentorship

Personalized learning platform for honing key skills needed for creating innovative products and services.

Innovation Forum in Switzerland

Students with good innovative ideas will be awarded scholarship to attend the global Innovation forum in Switzerland.

Idea Accelerator

Best innovative students will be provided with a seed funding of upto 1 Million to accelerate their ideas to reach the market.

IDEAO Ecosystem

IDEAO Learning Platform

A certified course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship covers the fundamentals of business and the practical aspects of identifying and evaluating business ideas. The skills acquired through this program will help you throughout your career.
The entire coursework is prepared by successful entrepreneurs and business mentors, which will expose you to:
  • Fundamental business skills, such as marketing, operations, strategy, accounting and finance
  • Creation of online startups
  • Applied skills, such as public speaking, leadership and sales pitches
  • Lean startup methodology with a focus on customer development
  • Working in a team to develop a plan for commercializing a product or service

IDEAO Innovation Challenge

After completing the coursework on entrepreneurship, you can take part in the innovation challenge at your university/institution. You will be judged on your business planning and communication skills. The creators of the best business plans from each institution will get an opportunity to take part in the global Innovation forum in Switzerland.

IDEAO Global Innovation Forum

Join us for our annual Innovation forum every summer in Switzerland, where you will network with leading investors, business mentors and entrepreneurs from around the world for a week-long conference. We provide you with a platform where world-class mentors and coaches will guide you in taking your ideas to the next level. Students with good business plans will be selected by a jury (a panel of successful entrepreneurs and business angels) and will be offered a startup capital to start their venture.


As an IDEAO star, you will receive seed funding to realize your startup. IDEAO stars will have access to our international network of startup accelerators. We will help you raise additional funds, if necessary, for your startup, and will also connect to experienced business angels and venture capitalists. With our global presence with offices in Switzerland and Silicon Valley, you can take support from various entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe and USA.